Freelance Task Force Logo: Bold capital initials F in orange,T in a light purple and F in pink sitting on top of 3 overlapping coloured circles: of pastel peach; orange and yellow.

Fuel initiated the Freelance Task Force along with over 100 sponsors in response to the current Covid -19 pandemic and its impact on freelancers with the Theatre/Live Arts industry.

Link to the original Fuel letter 


The Task Force is made up of over 160 freelancers. The members of the Task Force inherited no existing structure or guidance as to how we may operate. It has taken time to assemble as a group with sponsors operating on different time scales when sourcing their freelance representative.


The Freelance Task Force is made up of self-employed people working in theatre and performance arts across the UK. We are technicians, producers, writers, set designers,   learning participation and community outreach co-ordinators, backstage crew, costume designers, production managers, stage managers, directors, sound designers, composers, fight directors, choreographers and movement directors, lighting designers, dramaturgs, actors and performers, casting directors, puppet makers, dancers, singers, theatre makers and more.

How this task force works is being determined so as to not replicate harmful systems, and we are actively working towards how best to work on making sure all our meetings and processes are access centred and to work with freelancers that we represent and collaborate with.


With a group this size, many have split into working groups following an initial Open Space meeting hosted by Improbable and you can keep up with the groups activity on this site.