A film made by a group of artists/performers from the Freelance Task Force that are neurodivergent and/or have a disability.

Together as a small group of artist/freelancers formed through the Freelance Task Force, we made a short film.

The film interviews Free-lance Task Force members Ellie Mason (sponsored by Spare Tyre), Paul Christian and Charlene Salter (both sponsored by Access All Areas) who each have disabilities and/or learning disabilities that often make it more challenging for them to participate in large groups and have their voices heard. The purpose for this film is to create awareness, celebrate and platform as well as to campaign to protect the future of artists and free-lancers in the performing arts that already faced forms of discrimination and access difficulties to the creative industries, and are most likely to face more as a consequence of Covid 19 and the financial recession. 

The interview questions asked were:

1. Tell me a time when you felt excluded?

2. What helps you to create and to work well?

3. What have you been doing recently to keep yourself creative?

4. How has the way you work/ create changed over the last few months? Are you facing new barriers?

5. What could the future look like if we were all included?

Music and edit by Alice Theobald.

With help from and thanks to Jo Paul, Heather Johnson, Miss Jacqui and Miranda Yates.

The film is approximately 20 minutes long and includes captions.

Made in Summer 2020.