Better Representation Working Group

A Manifesto for (Better) Representation in U.K. Performing Arts

As a sector, there is the recognition that support for freelancers is important. At this time, the need for honest conversations is important now more than ever if the sector is to continue post-Covid.

We have all spent a minimum of 13 days looking at systemic issues within the sector. Can you spare that time within your organization? We would love for you to use this live document to: stimulate conversations and really take the risk to scrutinise your systems:

  • in your organisation, 
  • with your freelancer community 
  • with your audiences. 

One question at a time will do.

We are about to lose a diverse generation of unique promise that was to power the next phase of our growth and to play a crucial role in the Arts Council England’s ​Let’s Create​ strategy. D/deaf and disabled workers have suffered disproportionately. People of colour have been worse-affected than the white workforce.”We’d like to open this conversation and would love you to start conversations in your organisations; with us; with your freelance workforce both known and unknown; with your audiences.

From Routes to Recovery report (Freelancers Make Theatre Work, 2020,

MEMBERS of the meetings for ‘Better Representation’ have included: Paula Varjack, Victor Esses, Pauline Mayers, Hannah Quigley, Rinkoo Barpaga, David Webber, Jamie Fletcher, Beccy D’Souza, Emma Dawler, Paul Christian,  Dais Hale, Lily Einhorn, Annie Lunette Deakin-Foster, Lora Krasteva, Leo Wan, Louise Brodie, Polly Jerrold.