Early Career Artists & Practitioners

Welcome to the Early Career Artists and Practitioners group (ECAP). This is where you can explore what we have been creating and developing as part of the National Freelance Task Force to help, support and assist Early Career Artists and Practitioners.

Removal of ‘Emerging Artists‘ terminology, replaced ‘Early Career Artists and Practitioners.’ A clearer definition is as follows:

  • Anyone who is within the early stages of their career,
  • Anyone who is still in education / recently graduated.
  • Those entering the profession (regardless of age),
  • Those who have not been through any form of higher education.


This statement addresses the urgent support Early Career Artists and Practitioners (ECAPs) need now and in the future in order to access and work within the arts industry. This document is both a statement and a set of recommendations for organisations to consider and sign. Our intention is to encourage collaborative conversations and positive working relationships between ECAPs and organisations.


Description coming soon. Please check back next week.


The network was developed in response to surveys and sessions undertaken by members of the ECAP. It was developed as a place to connect with others share resources, advice, support, training and job opportunities. Made by ECAP’s for ECAP’s. To join just follow this link new people are always welcome.


In an attempt to collate our Freelance Taskforce Experience in a creative way. We have developed the following pages for the overall Taskforce Zine.


The Emerging Artists and Graduates Survey July 2020 was initially created to gain a greater understanding of what Early Career Artists need and want from topics such as Training, Opportunities, Development, Funding. Over 150 theatre freelancers responded. Please click the link to see some of the amazing responses we got.

A Recommendation …

More mentorship programs / paid opportunities!

A Discovery…

63% of participants didn’t feel neither the SEISS or ACE’s Emergency Financial Fund were accessible!

A Concern…

‘All the work will go to the established artists.’

Other work that has been done by ECAP team …


This menu has been designed for organisations to choose ways that they will commit to supporting freelancers and the wider sector in the long and short term. It collates some of the research emerging from the Freelance Task Force, of which early-career artist and practitioners needs are mentioned in this document.

Please find below the first working draft of this document as of the 14th August 2020. This is not final and will be updated in the near future.


This page was developed by …

Beth Sitek (She/Her)

Beth Sitek is a multi-arts producer and performance artist who makes intersectional queer and feminist work across theatre, cabaret and live events. As part of the Freelance Task Force, she is passionate about lobbying for better early-career artist support across all creative sectors moving forward in a post COVID era.
Twitter: @bethsitek
Website: https://bethsitek.com

Charlotte Kransmo (She/Her)

Charlotte is a freelance Youth and Community Theatre Practitioner. She is also an Early Career Theatre Maker and Director. She is passionate that theatre be an inclusive space for all to explore their creativity and to have their voice heard and amplified through collective creation. In her own making practice she prefers to work collaboratively with other local early career artists and has a particular interest in comedy and movement. As part of the South West FTF group, she has been committed to addressing concerns raised by freelancers and improving the terms under which creative freelancers work. Through the ECAP group she has been reexamining and making more visible the support that is available to Early Career Artists and Practitioners.

Mimi Doulton (She/Her)

Mimi Doulton is a freelance singer, producer and activist. She specialises in developing and giving a platform to new works, with a particular interest in working across art forms. For the last five years, Mimi has been involved in the campaign for equality of access to arts education. As part of the TaskForce she hopes to continue and expand this campaign – exploring the barriers for entry into the theatre industry.
Website: mimidoulton.com
Twitter: @MimiDoulton
Instagram: @MimiDoulton
Facebook: Mimi Doulton

Philip Harland (He/Him)

Philip Harland is a Freelance Support Facilitator and Theatre Technician. Freshly graduated from university. Philip aspires to work with young people in a wide of different settings and environments to aid the creation of theatre work. As part of FTF, he has been working on ensuring more opportunities are created for Early Career Artists and Practitioners.
Twitter: @PhilipHarlandA
Instagram: @philipharly
Website: https://philipharly.wixsite.com/home

Zorazelda King (She/Her)

Zorazelda King is a Community Arts Practitioner and Theatre Maker. She aspires to work with diverse communities to create inclusive participatory theatre, for social and political change. As a part of the Freelance Task Force, she has been focusing on the needs of Early Career Artists & Practitioners facilitating online discussions and creative consultations with freelancers to get their perspective on what they need and best practice suggestions. A question that is frequently asked is, ‘How do we ensure that our voices are heard and that as Early Career Artists & Practitioners we are not forgotten’.
Twitter: @Zorazelda_king
Instagram: @zorazelda.king

Page created and designed by Philip Harland in collaboration with the ECAP team.