Producers working group

Advocating for the role of Producer

The producers working group have met regularly over the time of the Freelance Task Force, made up of freelance producers from various performance style backgrounds and self producing artists. We’ve also been joined by non-FTF members as a beginning of building a community and gaining input on our work.

The Producers Working Group is made up of FTF Members: Daisy Hale, June Gamble, Beccy D’Souza, Hannah Stone, Lily Einhorn, Rafia Hussein, Laura Sweeney, Beth Sitek and Sarah Shead

Non-FTF Members who have joined our discussions: Benjamin Monk and Emily Coleman

Theatre and Performance Producers Survey Report

During our time on the FTF the working group asked ourselves ‘How do we advocate for the role of Producer?’ having discussed stories of burn out, instability and lack of protection for the role. To do this, we decided we needed to investigate ‘what are our working conditions now?’ and created the Theatre and Performance Producers Survey. 137 Producers responded, and below is the culmination of this data.

It’s purposely a plain facts report, without any recommendations from us, to be used as a resource for producers and others alike, and to dispel some myths about producers. Below is both the full report, and a ‘highlights’ one sheet summarising some of the data.

Our next stages we want to be co-created with other freelance Producers. We’ll be having our first zoom discussion on the 30th of September. If you’d like to join, please sign up here. It will be BSL interpreted and Captioned. Facilitators TBA.

Producer Maps & Bios

As the journey of becoming a Producer in the industry is quite a precarious one, we wanted to shed some light on our own journeys and reflect upon how we got here. To do this, we have shared our Producer Maps – our routes into the industry. Here is a little bit more about us!

Rafia Hussain (she/her)

Rafia is an independent theatre producer based in Nottingham. Her experience spans producing, programming, directing and artist development. She works with artists and companies from across the midlands including physical theatre company B Team who make work that explores environmental issues and Demi Nandhra, an award-winning live artist whose works explore mental health, care, trauma and oppression. Previously she worked as Associate Producer at Derby Theatre. Rafia also sits on the board for Boundless (London) and Ava Hunt Theatre (Nottingham).

Beth Sitek (she/her)

Beth is a freelance producer who makes intersectional queer & feminist work across theatre, cabaret & live events. She is a Future Producer at The Roundhouse and is the producer of London based cross-arts collective, Frisky Arts, also a New Diorama Theatre Emerging Company. She works with independent artists to produce original, poignant & celebratory work, usually around womxn & queer folx. She is also a gigging Drag King and freelance cabaret events organiser & programmer within the London cabaret/night-club scene.

Hannah Stone (she/her)

Hannah Stone is a director, theatre maker, producer and mother. She is Co-Artistic director of The Gramophones Theatre Company which she founded in 2011. The Company have created and toured numerous shows. Recently she directed the first two stages of development of their aerial theatre show Tarzanna. She is currently directing a new aerial theatre show Aidy the Awesomeabout a Grandmother and Granddaughter super-hero duo. Most recently she directed Pinocchio for the Nottingham Playhouse. She has directed youth theatre shows for Mansfield Palace, Derby Theatre and Lakeside. She is also a freelance producer currently working with The Party Somewhere Else, NotNow Collective and Tilly Branson.