What Do You Need As A Freelancer To Do Your Best Work?

A space for freelancers to share and organisations to listen

An event was held online on 24th August 2020, with the aim of bringing freelancers and organisations together and allowing freelancers to share their experiences, requirements, needs and wants in a face to face meeting. It was planned and facilitated by a group of members of the Freelance Task Force: Althea Burey, Hannah McPake, Hannah Quigley, Hannah Stone, Jane Crawshaw, Maia Kirk-Rich, Mimi Doulton, Miss Jacqui, Naomi Oppenheim, Sadeysa Greenaway Bailey and Sarah Argent.

We invited the freelancers at the Zoom to answer the question ‘What do you need to do your best work? These could be practical or financial things, or communication, or emotional support that makes you feel creatively empowered and valued’.

We then asked organisation representatives if they heard anything which surprised them, or for any other observations on what the freelancers said, and both freelancers and organisation representatives to share any examples of best practice they had experienced or know about from organisations.

4 rows of 3 people: from top left across: First row: Hannah Stone; Hannah Quigley; Miss Jacqui Second row: Althea Burey; Naomi Oppenheim; Sarah Argent. Third row: Jane Crawshaw; Hannah McPake; Sadeysa Greenaway Bailey.   Fourth row: Mimi Doulton; FTF logo (FTF in capital letters: F in turquoise; T in dark pink and F in pastel pink on top of circles overlapping each other in light, soft blue, orange and yellow).; Maia Kirkman-Richards

Finally, we invited everyone to answer the question ‘What might you do to take forward the thoughts, reflections, ideas, comments and good practice that have come up today?’

Responses are sorted into categories, which are grouped under ‘values based’ and ‘practical’. Each category includes first responses to the initial question from freelancers, then any responses from organisations, and then any relevant examples of best practice which were shared. The responses have been anonymised.

To keep the length of the report more manageable, we have cut down or summarised some answers, and where several comments covered the same point we haven’t included everyone’s individual words. At the end is a summary of the main themes of the freelancers’ answers within each category.

The last section collects all of the freelancers’ and organisations’ responses to the question: ‘What might you do to take forward the thoughts, reflections, ideas. comments and good practice that have come up today?

Categories from the Collected Responses Found in report include:

Collaboration and a Sense of Community 
Communication and Respect 
For our Voices as Freelancers to be Heard and Valued 
To be Represented and Work in an Environment Without Racism 

Access & Childcare 
Time and Space 
Funding Application and Technical Support 
Emotional and Safeguarding Support 
Development and Training Opportunities 
Work Opportunities