FTF Dance Working Group

FTF Dance formed an extremely proactive and creative sub-group within the wider Freelance Task Force. The group consists of individuals who self-elected to join together to champion and highlight issues in dance and movement art forms. The group grew over the 13 weeks of sponsored FTF time and existed by feeding into the wider FTF conversations, communicating with various other sub-groups, and coming together to specifically target issues faced by the dance and movement work in theatre sectors. FTF Dance Group is comprised of producers, choreographers, dance artists, movement directors, movement practitioners/teachers and artistic directors whose work is predominantly movement and dance based activity that spans across the UK and beyond. They represent a range of backgrounds, regions, experiences, and have come together through one common link – being freelancers.

Zoom meeting featuring some of the members of the FTF Dance Group

The following creative individuals have been part of the FTF Dance Group: 

  • Alister O’Loughlin
  • Annie Deakin-Foster
  • Deborah Light
  • Anna Alvarez
  • Assis Carreiro
  • Deeps Singh
  • Ellen Yilma
  • Ffion Campbell-Davies 
  • Jeanefer Jean-Charles
  • Emily Alden
  • Jaivant Patel
  • Jennifer Jackson
  • June Gamble
  • Marius Arnold-Clarke
  • Natasha Player
  • Jessica Wright
  • Miranda Henderson
  • Parbati Chaudhury
  • Rachael Nanyonjo
  • Urja Thakore
  • Sarah Shead

FTF Dance Group see their role as being a conduit for freelancers in the dance and movement sector, receiving and providing information to those who wish to be kept informed and/or be involved in the industry conversations regarding the navigation of the arts sector in 2020 and beyond. Below is a brief overview of some of the work FTF Dance have worked on.

FTF Dance haven compiled a database of over 400 freelance individuals working in the dance and theatre sector

FTF Dance sent out 11 weekly newsletters containing industry updates, notes from industry meetings, funding news, surveys to collect data and additional advice/support guidance

FTF Dance compiled a dance venue and organization database, that also encompasses theatres that work with movement directors/theatre choreographers

FTF Dance have created a group Twitter account has acquired over 300 followers so far

FTF Dance hosted a meeting to discuss the Arts Council England National Project Grants and Developing Your Creative Practice funding streams​ for dance/movement artists that were considering applying to provide support and advice 

FTF Dance held a meeting to specifically update the wider dance-movement community about FTF Dance’s work, conveying our findings from the wider Freelance Task Force, as well as using the opportunity to seek feedback on our work so that it may guide our next steps

Please find below a PDF of an infographic outlining the many activities, survey statistics, and conversations that the FTF Dance Group have initiated during their time on the Freelance Task Force. 

FTF Dance view this 13 week period as only the beginning of a conversation, of a movement, and of a group of freelancers passionate about dance and movement coming together, and they aspire to continue the amazing work that has been started as a result of the Freelance Task Force opportunity. The time on the Freelance Task Force has now ended and planning for the continuing future life of FTF Dance is under way.

If you are interested in what the FTF Dance Group have been up to, and want to remain in touch to find out more, you can email the group at the email address below and/or connect with FTF Dance via the social media accounts:

Email – danceftf@gmail.com

Facebook – Dance Group Freelance Task Force

Twitter – @DanceFTF

Thank you for taking the time to read about what FTF Dance has been up to as a result of the Freelance Task Force 2020.

We hope to connect with you in the future, but in the meantime, all safe and best wishes to you,

FTF Dance Group Members